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Delivery of Metal Roll Forming Machine Equipment


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The delivered four machines are respectively a roof panel roll forming machine, metal floor deck roll forming machine, two-in-one stud track roll forming machine and a hydraulic crimping curved machine. All equipment are controled by PLC computer system that would ensure the machine work both automatically and manually. Also hydraulic system is necessary for the roll formers to cut the finished sheet as per required lengths and quatities.

This two-in-one roll forming machine is among the delivery machineries. This roll former was designed and built to produce both hat purlins ( hat shaped roof trusses) and u trak with nothing to change. There is only one control system, transmission system and hydraulic system, but two profiles cannot be manufactured at the same time. With this machine, customers don’t have to order two roll forming machines which cost more money and larger area.

The metal floor deck roll forming machine delivered is designed to produce close type steel decking floors which cannot be replaced by ordinary metal floor decks because under the same load capacity, it could reduce the amount of steel to save cost and it’s more often applied as the floor panel of high rise building, with high wave crest and strength, high degree of automation and low cost. More information about our roof panel roll forming machine and hydraulic crimping curved machine can be found on our website or

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