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Newly Designed Metal Roll Forming Stands Available!

roll forming stands

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For the past few years, MAXON focused on the designing of economical roll formers because China had been the main market at that tim.People favoured cheaper machines at that time and quality was next to price, so integral steel plates were the first choice as roll forming stands.

As the time passed by, there are increasing vast demands for high quality roll formers from the international markets (and still there are needs for cheap machine mostly from Aisan markets, and African markets), and therewith MAXON turn its sight to the quality of roll formers. Currently MAXON applys gear-box transmission, Siemens control system and motors as per needs, and successfully developed the separate roll forming stands with surface coated with decorative chrome. It takes around 3 times cost for the manufacturing than the traditional integral wall plate roll forming stands, but quality and accuracy of rollers assembled are much more reliable.

MAXON won't stop researching and innvoation for higher quality parts and more advanced technology, and it's deciated to the caterring for a variety of metal roll forming equipment needs. We highly appreciate if anyone could give us any good advise that could help us improve the quality or innovate our technology. (Please send your idea or suggestion to

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