Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

IBR Sheet Roll Forming Machine

IBR Sheet Roll Forming Machine


This roofing sheet roll forming machine is called IBR sheet roll forming machine which is used only in African markets and mostly in South African markets, and the raw material is mostly Galvanized steel with the thickness from 0.5mm-0.8mm, and the width varies because there are 2 types of IBR roof panels,IBR686 and IBR890. Like the other roofing sheet roll forming machine, this IBR roofing sheet roll forming machine is also controlled by the advanced PLC control system & Omron encoder and able to run both automatically and manually.

General Introduction of the ibr sheet roll forming machine line
Material width 925mm (1219mm)
The effective width 686mm (890mm)
The thickness of Coil 0.5—0.8mm
Application galvanized roofing sheets
The overall dimensions 8600mmX1500mmX1300mm
Total weight Appro.6.2 T
Main Power 5.5 KW

The main parts of the ibr roofing sheet roll forming machine line
Manual Uncoiler; Feeding Guider; Roll forming machine; Hydraulic Cutting system; PLC Control System; Runout Table
Description of Main Parts
Uncoiler: Manual Uncoiler
Inner diameter 508mm
Outer diameter 1250mm.
Loading weight 5T

Roll Forming Machine
Forming speed 8—12m/min.
Forming steps 16 stations
Bracket welded with 36 # H beam A3 steel
Material of Shafts 45# high-quality steel
Diameter of Shafts 70mm
Material of Roller high quality 45#steel coated with hard chrome 0.05mm.
Thickness of Siding Plate 18mm
Transmission by chain-brackets
Material of Chains 45#steel with heat treatment: HRC45-50°
Motor Power 5.5 KW

Hydraulic Cutter of the ibr roofing sheet roll forming machine
Material of blade Cr12 with quenched treatment 60-62
Hydraulic Power 4 KW
Cutting Length and Quantity Clients can set the required length and quantity on the PLC touch screen

Control System of ibr sheet roll forming machine
Panasonic PLC Control system,touch screen, frequency converter
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3phase
Automatically measure the length and quantity
Other 1
1) IBR sheet roll forming machine is a common roof sheet roll forming machine, but the finished products are used mainly in South African market.
2) There are two standard IBR sheet profiles with 686mm and 890mm effective widths, and the raw materials would be 925mm and 1219mm width galvanized steel coils with 0.4-0.6mm material thickness;
3) There are two forming stands structure for IBR sheet roll forming machine, i.e. separate forming stands structure and conjoint forming stands structure;