Klip Lock Roll Forming Machine

LR24 roof sheet roll forming machine

LR/KR24 Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine


The LR24 or KR24 metal roof panel roll forming machine has a large market in South America and this LR24 or KR24 roofing sheet roll forming machine was ordered by our client in Mexico. There are 5 major components for this machine such as manual uncoiler, roll forming part, cutting device, hydraulilc pump and control system, and with this PLC control computer system, our LR24 or KR24 could be running both automatically & manually.
Technical Specifications of LR24/KR24 Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine:
Uncoiler: Manual Uncoiler;
Material Thicknes: 0.3-0.8mm;
Material Width: 762mm;
Forming Stations: 18 stations;
Main Power: 5.5KW;
Material of Shafts: 45# steel;
Material of Roller: 45# steel coated with hard chrome;
Forming Speed: 10-12m/min;
Material of Cutter: Cr12 steel with queching treatment;
Hydraulic Power: 4 KW;
Control System: Panasonic PLC Computer System;
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This roof panel roll forming machine produces LR24 or KR24 metal roofing profile of 610mm effective widths from the raw material of 0.3-0.8mm thickness and 762mm raw material widths. Anyone that is interested in our LR24 or KR24 roofpanel roll forming machine, please just feel free to contact us.