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Cassette Type Roll Forming Machine

Cassette Type Roll Forming Machine


A cassette type roll forming machine is a roll forming machine that could produce different profiles by changing different rolling tools, like stands, shafts, and rollers etc which are the main components of a cassette. It consists of an uncoiler, a roll forming base structure, transmission system, roll forming system (or cassette), hydraulic system, sometimes cooling system, cutting system and control system. Here roll forming system is the cassette. There are different cassettes (roll forming system) for different profiles, and only one cassette will be assembled at one time for the manufacturing of products, and a different cassette will replace the previous one to produce a different product.
Technical Parameters of Cassetee Type Roll Forming Machine:
Raw Material:GI/PPGI/GA/PPGA;
Material Widths: depends on the required profile;
Material Thickness:depends on the required profile
Shaft Diameter :70mm/80mm;
Forming Roller stand: separate forming stands, and stations depends on the required profiles;
Shaft Material:First grade 45# steel, heated and quenched
Roller material:45# steel coated with hard-chrome 0.05mm (or GCR15 bearing steel;)
Forming Speed :10-12 m/min
Main Power: depends on the required profiles;
Voltage:380V/3 Phase/50Hz
Electrical control system:Siemens PLC Board with Inverter, Omron Encoder and Siemens Brand HMI
Safety/Quality Approvals
1) 2 years or 5500 working hours;
2) Free installation & commissioning;
3) CE certificate holding;